Script consulting, production sound, light, editing, postproduction, acting... All of it an essential part of a long and complex process of giving a birth to a film. And all of them an opportunity to get deeper and better insight into the very tissue of a medium itself, structures that make it live and breathe and that, each in its own way, influence its behavior and impact it will make on the vewer.

All of the projects in which I took part and technical roles I played there were great experiences for me as a filmmaker and director, helping me to understand even better how the structure of the film works, what one could expect under given circumstances and how to develope the visual and narrative language further.




"Der Film handelt von einer gegenläufigen Fluchtbewegung.

Die Protagonistin Heve ist nicht auf der Flucht vor Krieg

oder Hunger. Sie sucht nicht nach ökonomischer Sicherheit.

Sie zieht als postmoderne Vagabundin durch Europa, weil sie

einen Lebensentwurf ablehnt, der es notwendig machen würde,

sich den jeweiligen Strukturen einer Gesellschaft unterzuordnen

und sesshaft zu sein. Sie strebt nach größtmöglicher

Freiheit von gesellschaftlichen Verpflichtungen, gängigen Arbeitsmodellen und Karrierezwang. Das wonach sie sich sehnt,

erscheint ihr in einer Gesellschaft, in der alles auf Gewinnmaximierung

ausgelegt ist, nicht vorhanden. Um ein anderes Leben

zu erproben streift sie trampend durch Europa. Ein Europa

welches sich abgeriegelt hat. Sie lebt weitestgehend ohne Geld

und ernährt sich von dem was andere weggeworfen haben..."

A feature film by the director Almuth Anders, that was shot on different locations across the Europe, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia... A story that researches the clash of two contemporary phenomena: the immigration crisis and the struggle of the refugees to set foot inside one of the western countries, where the capitalism is deeply rooted - on one hand, and the identity crisis and search for the escape from the same social order and structures by the youth born in Western Europe - on the other. Bringing two seeming polarities together, investigating the aspects of both flights, unacceptance of given circumstances and resistance to the imposed ones - "Heve" poses serious questions about society today.


Anhand der individuellen Lebenssituation von Heve, und über die Begegnungen auf ihrer Reise, spürt der Film einer Atmosphäre in einem hochkapitalisierten Europa nach, in dem Menschen von neuen Möglichkeitsräumen träumen, in dem Protest geübt und unterdrückt wird und in welches Menschen einreisenwollen, auf der Suche nach besseren Lebensbedingungen.

With: Hanna Seemann, Heinrich Horwitz, Oliver Törner, Remi Alkilami


Script, directing: Almuth Anders


 Camera: Julia Tielke


Camera assistant: Jonas Fischer


 Script consulting, production sound, editing: Andrija Jovanović


                                       (2016 - )

An 80 minute drama-comedy, based on a novel written by Jonatan Petré Brixel, structured as sort of an Entwicklungsroman: we follow hero's developement during his journey from Sweden to Germany.


Sven Harald is a young man working as an office clerk in Hell, who escapes to go on an adventure. He wants to live, experience grand things, meet friends – and of course a girl. On his adventures Sven Harald meets with Dorian who struggles with Heidegger, Jari who tells him about the temple knights and the return of Jesus, Luka, Andrija & Aron who robs and beat him, Caner who guides and comforts him... And of course Jessika, who he falls in love with. After she robs him.


 Witty, sincere, hilarious, with the unique style of the director who also did brilliant films "The Party", "One and the same", and "Adult life".

With: Jonatan Petré Brixel, Fredrik Rollenhagen, Luka Papić, Aron Sekelj, Andrija Jovanović


 Script, camera, directing, editing: Jonatan Petré Brixel




"How to articulate the memories, if they are like gunshots and bombs,

exploding as loud as the horrified screams...

How to articulate the feeling when you're leaving home forever,

thinking that you could have stayed there for eternity

in silence..."


Traveling by train is such a monotonous and passiv activity. Were she comes from there are no trains anymore, so her very first trip across the new territory will curiosly take her back to her remembrances of home. The home she decided to leave, Just to constantly return.


Life in constant suspense and fear; passing of the trauma from generation to generation; the burden of the remeberance - the struggle of three generations of Colombian women to overcome almost inherited fear and insecurity, fullfill their role in family and society, branded by turmoil, crisis and civil war, and to, step by step, tear away from all of it... and from themselves... (short fiction, 20 min.)

With: Anna Pfingsten, Cecilia Schmidt, Selina Iglesias


 Script, directing: Diana Sanchez


Camera: David Huss


Light: Leon Daniel


Costume: Anna Maria Resei


Set design: David Reiber


Script consulting, editing: Andrija Jovanović


Music & sound design: Smiljana Nikolić





"I would like to be a stone... It wouldn't be easier... It just... wouldn't be..."


A portrait of a phlegmatic: after a death notice we are witnessing a strange relationship between him and his dead neighbor, who seems to be his only connection to the world outside. As the assymetry of this relaitonship topples, he is facing an ultimate challenge... 


A 40 min. experimental fiction by David Huss, that juggles with different forms of narration, levels of established reality, the storyline and relationships between the characters, setting the unpredictable path for the main protagonist that constantly surprises and betrays the expectations of the viewer. An emotional gap vs. demand for social and emotional engagement, apathy against outside pressure for response. Or is it actually the pressure from within? What annoys us gives us enough material to fill our time debating over it. But what when this annoyance vanishes? Was it actually the spark that kept the engine running all the time?

With: Mario Kaspras, Caro Hellwig, Michael Danisch


 Script, directing, camera, editing: David Huss


Camera assistant: Diana Sanchez


Light, assistant director, script- and editing consultant: Andrija Jovanović


Production sound: Mario Schöning


Scenery, costumes: Anna Maria Resei




A promise once made and a vision of a community once upheld have become obsolete. A construct of a family is dissolving. A home is becoming a place of the past.


A 25 min. fiction by Almuth Anders, that was nominated for the German Short Film Prize (Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis) in 2015. With focus on the family as social construct that is less and less functionable and unable to fullfill its role in the society, and its useless grip under which all the members suffer.



With: Heike Falkenberg, Muriel Bielenberg, Oliver Törner, Ella Josephine Ebsen


 Script, directing: Almuth Anders


 Camera: Julia Tielke


Light: David Huss


 Script consulting, light: Andrija Jovanović


Production sound: Leon Daniel



Hier und jetzt (2015) by Marko Mijatović - light


Being followed (2013) by Jonatan Petré Brixel - light


Zwischenraum (2012) by Klara Stoyanova - light


Short experimental films (2014 - 2015) by Andrej Mihalec - editing