Film Festivals




Curating festival program and dealing with festival organization was something new and challenging, and I dived into it with as much as enthusiasm as cautiousness.


My friend and colleague, Jonatan Petré Brixel, dared me to join him into what he was considering "a stage for true independent filmmakers and their work", creating a film festival, and later an online streaming platform, where he was determined to screen and promote the work of talented and mostly anonymous filmmakers from all over the world. The move that made me go deeper into this field and eventually take part in restoring and organizing similar event in my home country.



                                      INTERANTIONAL FESTIVAL OF INDEPENDENT FILM



A coincidence brought me to the amazing scenery where this festival was taking place for the last seven years. And I never heard about it before! Few people did. Bravery and enthusiasm of its founders, still persistant and true to their project after so many years, made deep impression on me, freshly returned from the successful edition of a young Swedish film festival. I felt the urge to get involved, gathered the courage to use the accumulated knowledge and experience I got working for festivals in Germany and abroad. We gathered, we debated and we decided to give it a shot: next years edition will be international. And it will stay true to its original idea: to praise and dare amateurs and professionals alike to push the boundaries on the field of filmmaking and strive for independent and alternative film scene. With gathered forces we will host it to make it count. Come and join us for the wonderful 8th Edition!



"We strive to celebrate and promote personal film making regardless of which shape and form it comes in. Experimental, Independent and Obscure films are in the very root of the festival, but the root itself is the personal expression, the free voice."


Since its foundation the EX-Berlin Experimental Film Festival was a huge success. So far we screened films from more than 50 different countries such as Brazil, Iran, USA, Russia, Sweden, Finnland, Ireland, Lebanon, Tunisia... 

With every year we grow and improve our venue that constantly attracts more participants and audience. From 2018 the focus of the festival was shifted from solely experimental works to the films of all genres, while remaining true to its principal idea of encouraging and promoting originality and personal expression in filmmaking.   



"Once per year Lunde House of the People becomes a Cinema once more, with one simple purpose – to screen & promote true independent films in the High Coast! The core in our programming is the free voice, the will to express and experiment through the medium film regardless of genre, thematics or method."


This small, yet sucessful film festival in Northern Sweden is growing bigger with every year, becoming more and more popular, as the news of it continues to spread. Participants from different countries didn't mind to cover big distance in order to be our guests at the festival and present themselves and their work to the local audience. With plans to increase the whole venue and number of screenings, we continue our work with sharp focus on the quality achievements by domestic and foreign autors.


"Witty, sincere, daring. Quiet, flamboyant, discrete. Happy, angry and rough. Illambra is a Film Streaming site focusing on True Indepenent Films - not tied to any style, genre or production type, the content is often no/low budget, obscure and experimental."


Parallel and independent from the festivals we founded a streamingsite for true independent films 2018 – ILLAMBRA. Many of the films that participated at the festivals will find a home at Illambra but we also work on adding films to the site from other sources as well. Our ambition is to over time build a wide collection of true independent films from all over the world.